About us

We are a team of veteran game developers based in Moscow, passionate about crafting exciting and diverse games for PC, consoles and mobile devices. We have a multi-faceted expertise in developing gripping digital experience and a passion for games across all platforms
Over the last years the members of our team took part in the development of successful and popular games for all popular platforms, including Skyforge, Armored Warfare, Prime World, Allods Online, Heroes of Might and Magic 5. In 2017, we decided to join forces, forming Rook One Games studio

Our core values

Talent & Skills

Being parts of different development teams, we designed and developed a multitude of games, including F2P online games, console games and mobile projects

Experience & Self-improvement

We develop capable production pipelines, collect best technologies and constantly improve our processes and skills

Sharing passion with the audience

We are gamers as well as developers. We craft entertainment the way our audience appreciates and according to what we find “fun”. Every project is a dream project

Our games

Diesel Soldiers (2020)
The product is being alfa-tested at this stage)

Competitive mobile F2P PvP top-down shooter set in an alternative universe

Pathfinder: Kingmaker (2018)
(As part of outsource content production)

First isometric computer RPG set in Pathfinder tabletop universe. GOTY 2018 awards from RPG Codex and RPGWatch

Unnanounced CRPG

Classic isometric party-based computer game set in a famous universe